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What to do when a baby tooth won’t fall out

The moment is finally here!

Your child runs into the room to tell you their tooth is loose. It’s officially happening! Their adorable baby smile is making way for their big kid smile.

However as the days go by, you may find your child growing annoyed with their loose tooth and you see the telltale sign of their new permanent teeth emerging too. Is that a cause for concern?

The Kids Smiles Team hears this question a lot from our families! But don’t worry, we’re here to address this common concern and provide expert tips for a safe and pain-free way to conquer stubborn baby teeth.

Why won’t it just fall out already?

This is not an uncommon frustration with parents. After all, we remember the days of our parents or siblings tying strings to our teeth and slamming doors to try to get those loose teeth out. (Please don’t try this at home!)

So will a loose tooth fall out on its own? The answer to this is a resounding yes! And there’s a reason why these stubborn baby teeth stay put. Just like adult teeth, baby teeth have roots and nerves. For these teeth to fall out, the roots and nerves need to dissolve naturally. Then the eruption of their permanent teeth helps them fall out.

Some permanent teeth can take longer to erupt causing your child’s baby tooth to be loose but not fall out.

How to get a loose tooth out without pain

So if the old string method isn’t safe for pulling teeth, what do you do? Sometimes patience is the only answer, but there are a few gentle methods you can try to get a loose tooth out.

  1. Wiggle it gently. You kiddo is probably doing this already! Just remind them to wash their hands before wiggling their tooth and show them how to be gentle about it.
  2. Eat crunchy foods. Biting and chewing an apple or carrot is a natural and safe way to loosen teeth. And you get your child to eat nutritious foods as a bonus!
  3. Warm saltwater rinse. Have your child do a warm saltwater rinse to alleviate any discomfort and reduce inflammation for your child – especially if they’re successful in getting their loose tooth out!

What if the loose tooth is stuck to gum?

In this scenario, it’s still a good idea to wait for your child’s loose tooth to fall out on its own. But rest assured the end is in sight! The gums will be attached to this loose tooth for only a little longer until they realize the roots and nerves are dissolved and pull away from the tooth.

Just keep encouraging your child to try the gentle techniques we mentioned earlier.

This baby tooth just won’t fall out and a new tooth is coming in! What should I do?

Not to worry! This situation is a common and natural one. After all, remember how we mentioned that your child’s emerging permanent teeth will gently push their loose baby tooth out? That’s exactly what’s happening!

Be sure to avoid yanking or pulling hard on this loose baby tooth as it can damage the erupting permanent tooth.

Still have questions about baby teeth not falling out new teeth coming in?

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