kids take a selfie to celebrate national tooth fairy day 2024

What is National Tooth Fairy Day?

As the year melts into a new one, you may look back on some of the times you were able to make your kid’s dental experiences more magical and positive. While our Kids Smiles Team is dedicated to giving our patients a fun and playful experience when you visit us twice a year, there’s still the other 363 days where there’s an opportunity to bring a bit of whimsical to your child’s oral hygiene routine at home (especially with young children)!

One great way to inspire your child to develop a strong oral hygiene routine is by introducing the enchanting character of the Tooth Fairy. The best part about this special mythical character is that unlike Santa or the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy can inspire kids throughout the year. The perfect time to introduce your children to the concept of the Tooth Fairy is on National Tooth Fairy Day (which comes twice a year)!

So let’s dive into the exciting world of the Tooth Fairy and how you can celebrate with them.

The story behind the tooth fairy

When first introducing your child to the Tooth Fairy, we recommend you start with a story! Stories are scientifically proven fun and interactive ways to engage your child’s imagination. The backstory on the Tooth Fairy is that she’s a magical fairy who visits children when they lose a tooth and leaves them a gift if their tooth is healthy and clean. The most common gift parents settle with is money in the form of a quarter or a dollar. But parents, you can make the prize be whatever you’d like – a treat, a wish, or a small toy! Some of the best books about the Tooth Fairy can be found here.

Why celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day?

National Tooth Fairy Day 2024 comes on February 28th and August 22nd, 2024. (And every year on the same two days!) It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your growing kiddo excited again about taking care of their teeth and that losing their teeth is just part of growing up. Families can celebrate their growing kiddos and make lasting memories about the magic of good oral health.

What are some National Tooth Fairy Day ideas?

At a loss of what to do on these days to encourage good oral health for your child’s growing smile? The Kids Smiles Team is here to help you make magical dental moments at home!

  • Read a book about the Tooth Fairy to your child. Children can start losing baby teeth at age 4 so this is an excellent time to introduce them to the tooth fairy in the form of storytime!
  • Gift them a special container for storing their lost teeth. You can find personalized Tooth Fairy pillows, door hangers, and more for free or available for purchase on Amazon, Etsy, or other stores. (Be sure to ask our Kids Smiles Team for a free tooth holder at your child’s next appointment and you can give it as a surprise for National Tooth Fairy Day!)
  • Gift them a Tooth Fairy journal. A simple blank journal for you and your child to write down the details of their lost tooth, how and when it happened.
  • Celebrate with tooth-friendly treats! Make a fruit pizza in the shape of a tooth, tooth-shaped cookies, or “toothbrush” treats. Get more ideas from Pinterest too.
  • Do a few educational activities. Take the opportunity to educate your child about the importance of dental care. Use National Tooth Fairy Day as a launching pad for discussions about brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups.
  • If your child happens to lose their tooth on National Tooth Fairy Day, you can:
    • Give them a letter from the Tooth Fairy congratulating them on the excellent care they’ve taken of their tooth. As a bonus, you can add glitter to the letter as “fairy dust”.
    • Or try a Tooth Fairy Certificate of Achievement that they can proudly showcase all year round as a reminder of their accomplishments. Select a free certificate here from Canva!

Want more National Tooth Fairy Day ideas for your family?

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