Tooth Extractions

If your child requires a tooth extraction, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that their experience is as comfortable as possible.

In some cases, your child may require a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure performed at our Town & Country, Bradenton, North Tampa and South Tampa Locations, and it involves the removal of a tooth.

The most common causes for a tooth extraction are:

Tooth decay that is too far progressed for restoration
Making room for orthodontic treatment (Braces, Invisalign, etc)
Baby teeth fail to fall out before the permanent teeth come in
A chipped or damaged tooth from disease or trauma that is beyond repair

Does tooth extraction hurt?

We understand that tooth extractions can be scary, so we will only recommend this option as a last resort. To alleviate any tooth extraction pain or discomfort, we provide local anesthesia (laughing gas) for children with dental anxiety

For children with minimal anxiety, we will suggest nitrous oxide (laughing gas), while those with signs of more severe anxiety may benefit from conscious sedation in the office. General anesthesia (asleep) is a good fit for longer procedures or for very young children. 

To ensure safety and a comfortable climate for your child, a pediatric anesthesiologist will provide the anesthesia while our dental team performs the tooth extraction. If your child requires a tooth extraction, all options will be presented to you and thoroughly explained. Your peace of mind is our top priority!

Signs of dental anxiety include:

Racing heartbeat
Low blood pressure and or fainting
Crying, visible distress or signs of panic

Tooth Extraction Cost

When a tooth extraction is needed, it’s important to get it taken care of. To remove any barriers, we do our best to make tooth extractions affordable for you. While tooth extraction costs can vary depending on the case, we accept most insurance plans and will work with you regarding payment options. If you have any questions about tooth extraction costs, please contact our office! We’d love to hear from you.

Tooth Extraction Healing Time

The tooth extraction healing time is typically 1-2 days. It is important to monitor your child until all numbness from the procedure has subsided, and it’s essential that you follow proper tooth extraction aftercare instructions: 

  • Make sure your child bites down on the gauze pad provided by your doctor to prevent any biting or chewing of the cheeks or tongue while numb. 
  • Prepare softer foods and make sure that your child stays hydrated. 
  • Keep your child’s head elevated and relaxed while the clot forms on the extraction site. 
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing the areas around the extraction site. 
  • Use ice packs if needed to control swelling. 

Tooth extraction bleeding should not occur after 24 hours. Your child should continue proper oral hygiene while remaining extremely careful around the area of the extraction. By following these tooth extraction aftercare steps, recovery from a tooth extraction should be relatively quick.

Have questions about tooth extractions?

We’re here to answer your questions, and we want you and your child to know your options! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. 

Dr. Sierra, Dr. Kwon, Dr. Pettit and our team are here to help guide you and your child. We offer kinder, gentler dentistry for kids and teens. It is our goal that your child develops and maintains a positive association with dental care and we do everything we can to create a pleasant, supportive, and fun environment for our little patients.

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