Planning a Dentist Visit for Your Special Needs Child

At Kids Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we’re known for being a practice that caters to the unique requirements of special needs patients. We have found that using a “tell, show, do” method helps make all patients more comfortable with their appointment, and especially helps patients with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Downs Syndrome. First, we “tell” by explaining the next step in words your child understands. Then we “show” them what we will be doing. It may be using an instrument on their finger. Then, we “do” the procedure. This is the best way to earn your child’s trust. Dr. Frank Sierra and Dr. Mark Dawoud are also experts in working with special needs children and their parents.

If your child has a developmental disability including down syndrome or cerebral palsy, behavioral issues or physical limitations, just let us know when booking your appointment. We will make sure that we provide extra time for their comfort and your piece of mind.
Our office and team have all of the special supports necessary for serving children with special needs. These include:
We offer pre-appointment to give your child a chance to meet our dentists, staff, and to see the exam room and equipment. This could help your child feel more comfortable and be more cooperative during the actual dental appointment.
All of our locations are accessible to wheelchairs, including our front door and examination rooms and we have designated disabled parking close to the building. Every Kids Smiles location also offers private treatment areas. This ensures your child’s comfort by offering a more quiet and structured environment.
As we mentioned, our dentists and staff care for children with special needs and have developed strategies that could help support your child. Our dentists will also give you advice on oral health home care, like tips for brushing teeth.
Specialized Clinical Training
Our pediatric dentists have received special training to treat children with special needs. They also continue to update their clinical education in every way.
Some procedures may still be too stressful for your child. We have many options. We can use nitrous oxide analgesia (happy gas) for children with minimal anxiety.
Down syndrome and other genetic disorders can cause delays in tooth eruption. Malformed or missing teeth, and poor alignment raise the risk of gum disease and tooth decay because their teeth are difficult to keep clean. Making appointments twice a year, brushing two times a day, and for two minutes each time is even more essential in these cases. Let us know if you have any questions. We do not require a referral for an appointment, so schedule a visit today.











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