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Keeping Kids Calm

Young children, and even some adults, are naturally apprehensive about dental treatment. At Kids Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we use a "tell, show, do" philosophy. First, we "tell" by explaining the next step in words your child understands. Then we "show" them what we will be doing. It may be using an instrument on their finger. Then, we "do" the procedure. This is the best way to earn your child's trust.

Some procedures may still be too stressful for your child. We have many options. We can use nitrous oxide analgesia (happy gas) for children with minimal anxiety. The more anxious patient may benefit from conscious sedation in the office. Medication is given in the office which relaxes the child but they are not "asleep." Longer procedures, treatment for very young children, and kids with medical issues may be best treated under general anesthesia (asleep). A pediatric anesthesiologist will provide the anesthesia while our dental team performs the treatment safely.

If your child requires anesthesia, all of the options will be fully discussed with you before the appointment is scheduled. Your child's safety and comfort is our primary concern.