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Parent teaches kid about their smile and oral hygiene

5 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids’ Smiles

Kids rely on their parents for the guidance and tools to a healthy smile and ongoing oral hygiene habits. We assembled a list of 5 mistakes that some parents make when managing their children’s oral health. Hopefully, you’re on the right track to superstar parenting, but let’s review. 1) Letting children brush alone Most children …

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Who Needs Teeth?

Parents have so many resources today to help them to educate their children in fun and colorful ways, including educational games and apps, videos, and traditional books. We came across an illustrated children’s book called “Who Needs Teeth” that has some wonderful reviews from parents on Amazon.com. Two of the seven great reviews so far, …

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Your baby is teething when his or her first set of teeth, called primary teeth, break through the gums. This usually begins around the fourth to twelfth month, starting with one of the front bottom teeth. The upper front teeth usually follow. The remaining teeth (20 total) will slowly come in until the child is …

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