6 Tips for Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child visit the dentist when they get their first tooth, or by their 1st birthday. Establishing a healthy dental routine with your child is essential for their confidence and oral health!

Finding the best pediatric dentist near your home is important. A convenient location is ideal for regular exams and preventative cleanings, but also for emergencies! Accidents happen, and you want to be near a top pediatric dentist when they do.

But how do you choose the right pediatric dentist for your child? Here’s how you find one that meets your needs and goes above and beyond to ensure a welcoming, calming environment. 

The Best Dentist for Kids

You take your child to a pediatric doctor, so of course you’d take them to a pediatric dentist too.
Pediatric dentists specialize in treating small, growing mouths!
Taking your baby to the dentist when they get their first tooth or by their 1st birthday may seem early, but it’s important to do this when the baby teeth are emerging. Establishing a healthy foundation for baby teeth and ensuring that your child’s oral health is on the right track is critical for a healthy and confident life!
If you’re looking for the top pediatric dentist in your area, here are 6 tips to help the process: 

1. Do They Have Special Training?

In addition to dental school, a pediatric dentist must complete an additional two to three years of training. This training not only teaches them how to best work in little mouths, but also how to keep kids comfortable and calm. Pediatric dentists are trained in children’s behavior, including dental anxiety and special needs. These unique qualifications make them the best kids dentist!

2. Do They Have a Fun, Clean and Comfortable Environment?  

Choosing a pediatric dentist who maintains a clean office should be a top priority! Clean environments are not only critical for health and safety, but essential to minimizing anxieties and worries. A dental office doesn’t have to be a scary place for your little one; your child’s dental home should be inviting, exciting, clean and colorful!

3. Do They Take A Preventative Approach? 

Children are prone to tooth decay and cavities, and your pediatric dentist should take measures to prevent these unhealthy conditions from developing. Taking a preventative approach toward pediatric dental treatment, through regular cleanings and examinations, is important for protecting your child’s oral health and establishing a healthy dental routine! We perform precautionary treatments, such as sealants and fluoride treatment, to prevent these potential problems.
Sealants include a painless, protective coating that covers the teeth and helps to prevent cavities from developing in the hard-to-reach spaces. The sealant acts as a barrier to keep food, plaque, and bacteria away from the decay-prone areas of the teeth.
Fluoride treatment is like a vitamin for the teeth! We suggest a fluoride treatment in addition to cleanings to strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay.

4. Choose a Top Pediatric Dentist! 

Take to Google! Look at your prospective pediatric dentist’s reviews. What are their patients’ parents or guardians saying about their experiences? Reviews are a great tool for gaining a genuine perspective of how the practice’s dentists and team members treat their patients.

5. How is Their Customer Service? 

Give the office a call and ask about insurance, payments and scheduling. Ask them any questions you have, and express any concerns you have to get a good feel for their level of patient care. A simple conversation can be a great indicator of their team culture and their office atmosphere.
Choose a practice that makes you feel warm, welcome and secure. As a parent or guardian, you need to feel assured that your child is in good hands!

6. Location, Location, Location! 

When looking for the best pediatric dentist near you, take into consideration how close the office is to your home. Make sure your child’s pediatric dentist is within a reasonable distance in the case of an emergency. A closer proximity enables you to develop a relationship with dentists and team members too!

Looking for the best kids dentist near you?

If you need help finding the best pediatric dentist near you, please give us a call! We are passionate about providing high-quality pediatric care for our young patients.
If your child is nervous or has dental anxiety, we suggest bringing them in to sit in the dental chair, get a feel for the environment, and meet our amazing doctor!
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