Who Needs Teeth?

Parents have so many resources today to help them to educate their children in fun and colorful ways, including educational games and apps, videos, and traditional books. We came across an illustrated children’s book called “Who Needs Teeth” that has some wonderful reviews from parents on Amazon.com.

Two of the seven great reviews so far, read as follows.

“This is a simply adorable book! A charming story of the importance of healthy teeth. Anyone who has struggled to get their children to brush their teeth, will love this book! Delightful rhymes that remind our little ones that teeth really need attention and care. I read this to my niece and she promptly got up and said to me, “Auntie, I am sorry, but I have to go and to brush my teeth now.” Great message!”
“Convincing small children to brush their teeth may be akin to pulling teeth — but this little book makes it easy. With unexpected rhymes and adorable drawings, “Who Needs Teeth?” answers its own question. We all do, even little ones who may otherwise think that they are invulnerable. A great book to be read as part of a nighttime ritual! Finally a multicultural series for helping kids.”
Sally Huss, the author/illustrator’s 30+ year body of work is described as “Bright and happy,” “light and whimsical.” She seems to have quite the collection of fun and educational children’s books, and a very interesting background.
This title is available in paperback and in Kindle version and is listed for ages 2 to 8. Sounds like the perfect book to settle down with after brushing teeth and getting a nice glass of water for bed time. What a great way to teach better dental habits, than with rhymes and good examples of the benefits of having teeth.
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