The Pirates’ Fixable Teeth

Kate Kyres, creator of Silly Dilly’s & The Enchanted Spot in Tampa, has authored the children’s book at the subject of this blog—The Pirates’ Fixable Teeth.

She says she wrote this story to encourage kids to treasure their teeth and to connect Tampa’s love of pirates with a good message. “Never stray too far from a toothbrush and toothpaste. Treat your teeth like the gold they are and your smile will never go to waste.”
We love the book because we love Tampa, Gasparilla, and of course educating children and protecting their teeth.
In the book, Pirate Captain Roy and his hungry crew capture an unsuspecting Royal ship. They intend to steal not only all of the passengers’ gold but all of their meals too.
When the pirates begin to feast, their teeth fail them and their tooth pain becomes unbearable. The star of the book, the Royal ship’s dentist, offers her dental services to the pirates, teaching them that the real treasure lies within their healthy, golden smiles. That’s the short version of this fine 37 page children’s book.
We find that children love to read and be read this timeless tale that promotes dental health, courage, kindness, confidence and resourcefulness.
The book is available locally at Silly Dilly’s, 3217 S. MacDill Avenue, Tampa, on, and at other fine book sellers. Congrats Kate!











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