Parents’ Guide to Fluoride

The ADA recently released A Mom’s Guide to Fluoride, because there are still so many questions from both moms and dads about fluoride, its usage, and safety in children. Fluoride is a preventative treatment for tooth decay. Fluoride can be thought of as a vitamin for your teeth as it makes the enamel more resistant to the acids that cause tooth decay. Application is recommended after dental cleanings and fluoride is also your friend in toothpaste and in drinking water.

As dentists, Dr. Mark Dawoud and Dr. Frank Sierra treat cavities, but preventing cavities and educating our young patients and their families have the most enduring benefits. With that said, we’re sharing the link to this great web page from the ADA, because it is so well done.
Do I need to be worried about my child drinking water with fluoride? When should I start brushing my child’s teeth and how much fluoride should toothpaste should I use? Those are great questions, and we get those all the time. They are all there, and more.
The article also contains this cute answer to the question, “What’s a kid-friendly way to explain why fluoride is so important?” Here’s the bulk of that answer. “Use some of your child’s favorite things to describe fluoride in a way he or she can understand. Here’s what worked for me: My three-year-old daughter loves superheroes and pretending she has superpowers! I explained to her that the fluoride in her water and in her toothpaste is like a superpower to fight sugar bugs on her teeth that cause cavities.  She seems to know what this means and is really good about taking care of her teeth.”
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