Orthodontics for Kids

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that your child get a check-up with an orthodontist at age 7. Additionally, the developmental milestone would be the full eruption of all four adult first molars. These erupt behind the baby teeth (primary second molars) and NO teeth are lost for their development and eruption into the dental arches. Early detection of any orthodontic problems is important in order to take early corrective action and avoid more difficult treatment later.

At Kids Smiles we know, sometimes a healthy smile needs more. For some children, orthodontics is an important step towards a lifetime of healthy smiles. Kids Smiles has partnered with Blue Wave Orthodontics to ensure the highest quality of pediatric dental care in the Tampa Bay area. Blue Wave Orthodontics is the combined practice of Dr. Randy Feldman, a Hillsborough County orthodontist, and Dr. Ernest McDowell, a Pinellas County orthodontist. Both are Board Certified and Top 1% Invisalign providers in the world.
By age 7, your child has enough permanent teeth for Blue Wave Orthodontics to determine whether a problem is developing or already exists. Like most problems in life, orthodontic problems may be easier to correct if they’re found early. It is important for parents to know that early detection of orthodontic problems does not necessarily require treatment, but if early treatment is needed, our combined teams may be able to achieve results that may not be as easy once your child’s face and jaws have finished growing.
Orthodontic treatment can correct protruding teeth, crossbites, crowding, excessive tooth spacing, jaw alignment, and airway deficiencies to name just a few oral problems. In some cases, our orthodontic partners will use orthodontic appliances such as palatal expanders to widen the upper jaw and create more space for the adult teeth to finish erupting.
The Kids Smiles team and Blue Wave Orthodontic team both strive to provide a tailored experience for every child in an environment designed specifically for children and early teens. We treat your children with respect and explain every step of their dental care in age-appropriate, child-friendly terms.
At the time this blog was written, Kids Smiles patients are enjoying a $500 off orthodontic treatment with Blue Wave Orthodontics discount. This offer can’t be combined with other discounts. Request an appointment with Kids Smiles by using our online form. If you also want to inquire about orthodontics, please mention that in the comment section of the form.