Kid Selfies (Why To Embrace This)

There are over 90 million selfies taken each year just on Android devices and that creates some alarm for parents. Are our kids becoming too narcissistic? We came across an article recently with a bunch of reasons why we should stop worrying about our kids’ selfie habits. We’ll discuss some of our favorites in our latest blog. Visit the source if you want to read the inspiration.

1. Selfies are Fun
No harm in having a little fun. Some selfies can be funny, timely, or more interesting than a photo of the place you are visiting. Including your friends or family is a great way to share the moment.
2. Selfies Document Your Travels / Adventures
Vacation photos are more fun with people in them. Selfies can help to document not only your child’s growth and development but the places they’ve been.
3. Insight into Your Kid’s Mood and Feelings
This one is pretty interesting. The article discusses situations where kids and teens may be more closed off to parents. They won’t talk. The selfies are a clue to what they may be feeling or thinking. Parents need all the help they can get to know if their kids are feeling OK about themselves and their situations.
4. Smiles Create Smiles
When you smile for a photo, even if you are not feeling happy at the time, you might boost your mood. Smiling makes you feel better. Looking at pictures of yourself or others smiling does the same.
5. Make Sure To Take A Selfie With Your Orthodontist and Orthodontic Assistant
If your child or teen finishes ortho treatment, they should take a selfie with their orthodontist and orthodontic assistant. It is a great way to memorialize one of life’s milestones.
The article also mentions becoming comfortable with flaws. Real photos without editing and loving yourself are an excellent part of your child or teen’s self-esteem building. The article doesn’t mention situations where others judge or make hurtful comments, but every situation is an opportunity to learn and to become comfortable in your own skin. Standing strong is an important developmental step.
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