How Does Sugar Affect Your Children’s Teeth?

Baby teeth are important as they are also the placeholders for adult teeth. They have a function in speech, eating, smiling, and should be maintained until it is their time to come out. 

What Causes Cavities?
A cavity requires three things to form: a tooth, bacteria, and carbohydrates (sugar). Once you eat or drink sugars, it only takes seconds for the bacteria on your teeth to combine with the sugar and convert it into acid. It is this acid that eats away at the tooth enamel and breaks it down. Over time this reaction of sugar and bacteria results in tooth decay, which leads to cavities, and oftentimes early tooth loss. It is this loss that many times results in much more difficult Orthodontic issues!

Sugary Drinks
About 25% of people drink multiple sugar-sweetened beverages on a daily basis, and a substantial percentage drink a single beverage about once a day. Excess sugar is a major contributor to obesity and other health problems, but some drinks are also high in acidity, and combined with this sugar makes these drinks particularly bad for teeth. These choices become the choices of our children and lead to problems later in life, but also cavities very quickly without proper dental care. More details about the dangers of sugary drinks can be found in this blog.
It is also key to note nowadays all the “new age health Doctors” refer to inflammation and how that really destroys the human body! Well, guess what, sugar, carbohydrates, carbs are ALL SUGARS and are all very bad for you! So what you help your teeth with, will certainly help your overall health as well!
Not in the title, but consumption of sugar is also immensely responsible for childhood obesity. Dr. Frank Sierra adds, “Set a good example with your own diet, dental habits, and physical activity (in terms of the obesity factor). Combat the effects of sugar on your children with their visits to the dentist, helping/requiring them to brush and floss at least twice a day, and making sure that they spend at least two minutes brushing and flossing each time.”
And the rest of our Kids Smiles Team adds, “be an example for what you should eat”, start with great health habits and eating habits NOW and you WILL change your world! Just say “No” to all the extra sugars, rice, grits, potatoes, pastas and breads, and crackers…learn NOW when you are young and get the basics right!  Sure, it is always fine in moderation, just NOT excess!  As always…..”TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH”!











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