child during back to school time learns about dental hygiene

Top 4 Back to School Tips for Kids’ Dental Hygiene!

It’s that time again! School is back in session and routines are changing for both children and parents. 

If you’re anxious about getting into the school year flow again, you’re not alone! It’s only natural.

Your team here at Kids Smiles Pediatric Dentistry has the pro tips you need to help your child back to school with a confident, healthy smile!

1. Start the school year off with a fresh new toothbrush!

Get your child excited about their dental hygiene routine with a cool new toothbrush! It’s advised that you replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Children’s toothbrushes often need replacing before adult toothbrushes, since children tend to brush more rigorously.

Replacing their toothbrush helps to prevent bacteria that inevitably grows within the bristles over time. Especially if your child has been sick recently or if they store their toothbrush next to their siblings’ toothbrushes, getting a new toothbrush will help them maintain a clean and healthy smile.

Plus, picking out a new toothbrush is fun! Check out these ADA-approved kids’ toothbrushes:

2. Keep it cool with a refillable water bottle.

Have your child bring their coolest water bottle to school. If the budget allows, you could let your child pick out their favorite new water bottle for the year!

Water plays an important role in not only dental health and dental hygiene – but mental health too.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ages 4 to 8 years need at least 5 cups of water a day for proper development. Children older than 8 years need at least 7 to 8 cups of water a day! 

3. Don’t take risks with your precious smile!

One risk you don’t want to take this school year (or ever) is your child stepping onto the field or court without their mouthguard. Leaving teeth exposed to a ball spiraling toward their face or another player’s elbow is a dangerous, painful, and expensive risk.

According to studies published by the American Dental Association, “individuals who do not use mouthguards have more than twice the increased risk of orofacial injury.” Wearing a mouthguard reduces the chances of dentofacial injuries in collision sports by 27.6%!

A mouthguard protects your child from a potential dental emergency. If you don’t have a mouthguard yet, please give us a call or let our team know at your next appointment and we can help you choose the best one. 

4. Don’t miss your child’s regular dental cleanings!

Attending regular cleanings and check-ups with our team is an essential part of preventive treatment. During a routine check-up, your child’s teeth will be cleaned and polished to remove any plaque build-up or tartar. Teeth cleanings are just as important for baby teeth as they are for permanent teeth!

During routine exams, we assess your child’s teeth and gums and discuss the best techniques for at-home dental hygiene. We also want to ensure that your child does not have any cavities and is not a risk of developing cavities.

It’s important that your child doesn’t miss his or her regular check-ups, so we can do our part to help your child maintain a beautiful and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Need more back-to-school tips?

We’re here to answer your questions, and we want you and your child to know the best techniques for optimal dental health! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. 

Dr. Sierra, Dr. Kwon, Dr. Patel and our team are here to help guide you and your child. We offer kinder, gentler dentistry for kids and teens. It is our goal that your child develops and maintains a positive association with dental care and we do everything we can to create a pleasant, supportive, and fun environment for our little patients.

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