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Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Kids Smiles

Make yourself comfortable in our waiting room designed specifically with your child’s enjoyment in mind. One of our locations even has a movie theatre playing kid-friendly favorites all day long!

The First Appointment

The doctor will conduct a thorough exam of your child’s mouth. If there is a suspected underlying issue, there may be radiographs taken. We will discuss your child’s dental care history as well as daily habits and best practices for their oral health and how to best implement these steps in an encouraging and natural fashion.

It is recommended for your child to have a dental check-up every six months. Depending on things like hygiene, tooth growth and development, and tooth decay, there may be additional visits required between those times.

Stay Ahead of the Game!

Dental check ups are encouraged within a baby’s first year. This may seem early, but beginning a prevention plan at this time can help avoid early onset and future dental problems.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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