We're Growing Up

Dr. Sierra isn't retiring, he’s aiming to serve more children than ever before! By joining Kids Smiles, Dr. Sierra is providing more locations, more expertise, and even bigger and better smiles from Tampa Bay to Bradenton and Sarasota! Kids Smiles Dentistry is backed by not only the 25 years of Dr. Sierra’s experience, but also 65 combined years of experience with two locally renowned orthodontists: Dr. Randy Feldman and Dr. Earnest McDowell of Blue Wave Orthodontics. We’re also joined by fellow pediatric dentists Dr. Matt Weil, Dr. Casey Lynn, and Dr. Mark Dawoud.

With these doctors dedicated to children’s dental care and oral health coming together, we feel confident you’ll soon see why they’ve had multiple generations of smiles walk through their doors. Dr. Sierra is thrilled you and your family are coming along on this journey with him and his team–we hope to see you in the office soon!